The essence of KARMOUSS is to think both, beauty and health

Once lived an eight-year-old boy whose world turned completely around, when he and his mom left their fatherland Morocco. He had to leave his father, his family, his friends, his whole world, as he knew it at the time.

They traveled to motherland in Slovenia and had to start all over again. Years the boy craved for his father, nevertheless he respected his mother’s will.

Years passed and the boy grew up in the man and took care of his mother until the end of her days.

With the strong support of his wife, he finally decided to find his father. They traveled to Morocco and found his birthplace. With great disappointment, he discovered that his father had recently passed away.

However he got something he did not expect … Instead of reunion with his father, there was a family, who accepted the lost son heartily.

He inherited his father’s legacy – cactus plantations – as they say in the magical land – Karmouss.

Today, as Founder of Karmouss, he is caring for his family, nurturing the precious heritage of Karmouss and living his mission – to make the world a better place, one step at a time.

Karmouss products are Family-managed on owned farm and plantations.

Members of Karmouss Team and their families are proudly preparing for you, until recently, the
jealously protected heritage.

If you care what you eat, it is about time to care what you put on your skin. The skin is our biggest organ and it is necessary to be careful what is applied on it as the ingredients penetrate our blood circulation.

To fulfill satisfaction of every single user is to offer organically grown, precisely harvested, completely pure, virgin, cold pressed and natural product.The bonus of purchase is that you are supporting our workers and their families. And part of the profit is dedicated to carefully selected charity organizations. We conduct business with respect, honesty and integrity.

The demanding extraction of cactus oil requires perfect organization of all processes in order to provide our customers with quality, cleanliness and with this complete experience of the power of this CELESTIAL oil.

Every drop is a treasure!

The secret is our purity and simplicity. Less is more! After knowing the facts it is quite easy to see why Karmouss Cactus Oil is your »must have«. Learn to love yourself with karmouss!